Best Giant Strategy

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Here is one of the best Giant strategies in Clash of Clans, it is efficient and cheap strategy, but it is not very well known. Royal giant strategy is not really a new attack strategy in Clans Clash, but not much players know about it. I tried to use clash of clans gemmes gratuites, couple of times in Clan War and this strategy is very cheap, much cheaper than the Dragons, HoLoWiWi, GoWiPe, or other strategies in Clash of Clans.

Royal Giant strategy works well with Town Hall 7 against Town Hall 7 and it is weak in Town Hall 8 against Town Hall 8 combination. It is also not so well in Town Hall 9 against Town Hall 9, so the best possible solution is to stick with Town Hall 7. While the Giants are absorbing the damage, as a real living wall, Wizards and barbarians will destroy buildings. It is important to drag the Wizards behind Barbarians, and you’ll be safe throughout the battle. Because this strategy is cheap and does not need so much of Dark Elixir, it is more effective than other strategies that needs a lot of resources.. You can use it to push their trophies or Clan War. Town Hall level 8 with Level 5 troops, and you can easily get 2 stars with more than 90%.

In most cases against Town Hall level 8 you can get 3 stars if you attack Town Hall level 7. However, there are different combinations that you can use. For example 220 housing spaces and 4 spaces spells, 11 Wall Breakers, 18 Giants , 38 Wizards and 10 Barbarians. You can use 1 Lightning Spell and 2 Rage Spells, while you should place 4 Wizards and 6 barbarians in Clan Castle. The strategy is very simple – just drop 1 Barbarian in any corner of the map and use Barbarians to pull troops from Clan Castle. Use Lightning Spell or barbarians and wizards to eliminate smaller troops.

Drop Giants and deploy your clan troops, when health of Giants turn red, use Healing Spell to cure them. Drop your wall Breakers and Hero if you need additional help. It is very efficient strategy, with main focus on Giants. It is cheap, so you will gain a lot resources after some time. Try our Royal Giant strategy and let us know your comments. There are some modifications you can use, we let you to discover them and apply in this strategy.

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Mortal Kombat for Xbox

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All retrospective on the history of fighting games must necessarily make a long stop in Mortal Kombat, the only fighting series made in North America that came to win. In the heyday of Street Fighter, Midway launched this fighting game in 2d free xbox live codes, with digitized graphics and a lot of blood and brutality never seen before, which naturally led to criticism. In Mortal Kombat fighters, who were not drawings, but practically photos, spine were taken out if the combination is performing precise movements.

After several deliveries in which the number of fighters grew significantly, and several films of decreasing budget, Midway decided to make the leap into 3d with the fourth delivery, resulting in a failure, as indeed most of the finished projects company at that time. It took several years, to establis the present generation to Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance to rise back, already without John Tobias, who had sought greener pastures in Microsoft, leaving the game design in hands of Ed Boon, the other co-creator.

The success of Double Alliance gave way to Moral Kombat: Deception, being a pioneer surprising, was the first 3D fighting game with the possibility of playing in the network, and includes surprising and original game modes like the Mortal Kombat Chess. In the same line continues this new Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, predictable latest installment of the saga in this generation. This new Mortal Kombat, the seventh barring derivatives as Shaolin Monks, keeps the line of ancestors as far as fighting is concerned, but stresses the influence of combat scenarios, including a new system of fatalities. And, in line with the last Soul Calibur, it has a unique and complete character editor. Fight fans have this game as the only valuable option this year, and is highly recommended, if they like the style of Mortal Kombat.

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Minecraft – Tricks and Tips for beginners

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The first steps in Minecraft are difficult, we will give you the keys to start in Minecraft to survive the first night and all the basic tips for beginners like Comment avoir MineCraft PREMIUM gratuitement that will help you in your Minecraft adventure.

The first thing you have to do in Minecraft is to start collecting wood with your bare hands. You can convert blocks of wood to planks build a shovel, axe, pick and spade, and you will need to start looking for stones, coal etc.Do not go very far: The world of Minecraft is randomly generated and is huge in the console version, but PC map is infinite, it has no limits. Therefore we recommend not go far in the area that you have set as your home, recognize the place well before camping in an area. There is no need to make a shelter, but if you can make four walls or an underground shelter. Further you should include a map and compass to orient yourself better and get away over your area. Try to recognize the place, so that you can find a way back home. Try to survive the first night and build a basic shelter either with earth, wood, or climbing to the top of a tree, anything, but take refuge. Eventually you’ll make better buildings, but for now you have to work with something basic to survive the night. Remember to make a door to keep out the night creatures away from your home.

During our second day we will continue getting objects such as wood, stone, coal and wool (Collect everything you can, watching the sun’s position for more or less at noon, you set yourselves to develop new tasks). We should already have mastered the art of crafting, so try to get a little house. For this purpose we will build a wall of blocks of three floors (5 x 4 are a good size). Leave a gap of 1 × 2 to leave or to close a door. Remember that, in addition, it is important to put a ceiling and not forget your chest, your workbench and your oven. With the foundation of the house built we will make the door, the bed (if they had not already) and a stone sword. To do this all you need wool, sticks and stones.

With these first basic steps you can survive the first two days in Minecraft. From here it’s all about patience and creativity, to find the objects and get to know all crafting recipes. Minecraft universe is at your disposal and only need to activate your curiosity to find out everything.

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Instagram for beginners: First Steps, Tips and Tricks

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Unbelievable, but true: nearly 230 million people worldwide use Instagram, at least once a month. Each month uploaded photos are retouched with various filters, discussed and indicate by millions of users that use instagram followers hack! Today, Instagram photos are printed on cushions, on posters or fridge magnets! Instagram has filled the world with professional photographers? Take your first steps in Instagram and draw your own conclusions.

First steps in Instagram

The beginning is very simple: When you install the app on the phone you can access your account through Facebook (Facebook is owner after all) or use an alternative email account. You’ll then enter user name and password.
Once registered, you must take the first steps in this new social network. For starters, you’ll see photos of Instagram users randomly selected. If you click on an image Monitor icon, your home page will be filled with photos of other users.

Instagram filters

If something is popular on Instagram it is use of various filters. By taking your first picture, you will also spend some time reviewing the 19 photographic filters, frames and functions of saturation and clipping.It is best to first familiarize yourself with the included functions.
Perhaps for a few days you need to take lots of pictures, edit them, discard them … Although the use of the Instagram is very simple, making photos is not. Test or use the tricks that professionals use in making photos for Instagram.

Use the camera app.

The standard photo app mobile usually make better photos, then select the phone image and edit it. Although Instagram filters are very good, you can also optimize photos to other apps, or try them special effects like photos that are subject to the effect Miniature.You not need to be a professional. And therefore, your photos may end up blurred or ‘pale’ at times. But this is no reason to discard them, just the contrary is true. With a good choice of filters and some practice on the issue, beginner defects may even favor giving pictures that aspect of Polaroid.

Instagram is much more than just an online photo album. Besides editing the photos there are more functions like video feature. To start video feature use Instagram camera. Then you can record videos up to 15 seconds. The app only records while holding down the shutter. In this way, you can create a few videos at a time, with transitions and everything. Once after 15 seconds, Instagram takes you directly to filters and share mode.

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Fifa 16, one month later

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After initial launch of Fifa 16, it is about the time to write down our thoughts about this game and free fifa 16 coins. We will try to cover basic aspects and give our opinion.

From the technical aspect, FIFA 16 has more or less the same graphics engine of the last edition. The realization of the players is great. The presence of official licenses obviously plays a very important role and the presence of kit-date, detailed associated with partnerships with leagues like the Premier League and the Bundesliga, making it very valuable aesthetic component.

On Xbox One the presence of a constant frame rate is very solid, associated with a marked improvement in the design, making it a lot more clean and beautiful to see this version than the past. Unfortunately, we must place a note with regard the similarity, even simply sketched, many players in Serie A are almost similar. The similarity of many players to real counterparts is virtually nothing especially for those who serve in teams less noble. They are markedly improved in replays and cutscenes with management of the shots from real television product. Under the audio aspect we find on the one hand the usual soundtrack rich pieces ranging between different genres. Choirs from stadiums and the sound effects are great as always, with the presence ofof some additional custom choir. The entrusted commentary ofthe duo Pardo / Nava is rather good with regard to the routine of those sentences with comparisons between players pre match, updates on the transfer market and other small novelties. Unfortunately we see too much difference between the sincere and spontaneous Pardo and still robotic voice of Nava, who should probably take more comfortable with the media.

Summing up, we can therefore say that the general FIFA 16 is a great football game, with philosophy of its own. FIFA 16 is definitely better than last year, and this transforms the game in the best exponent of the series of new generation. However there are some issues already highlighted in the past, which does not allow the title to rise to perfection. If you are attached to the FIFA gameplay by purchasing the game you will find the best gameplay of the series, however, there are still several issues that deserve to be explored by the Canadian development team. Having said that, FIFA 16 is a chapter that deserves to be played by fans of the series and that just as his rival, is a very valuable game to those looking for the excitement of real football on consoles.

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Fifa 16 Essential Tips and Tricks

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Fifa 16 is a game that is completely different from previous version of the game and therefore you will need to understand some basic tips and tricks to improve your skills and probability of winning matches.Ypu wil also need a lot of coins, so fifa 16 coin generator may be a perfect solution to that problem!

Fifa 16 is much more different game than Fifa 15 in many terms, it will force you to make certain tactical decisions and strategic thinking is element that is in focus. To be a good Fifa 16 player you will need to invest certain amount of time and energy in order to become proficient and skillful. Another important element of Fifa 16 is focus on midfield play, the pace of the game is reduced, and more emphasis is put on defensive gameplay. Fifa 15 was much more fast the game, when you were supposed to make ideal team with players that should possess high speed. In this new edition of the game all statistics are in some sense equal, you will need defense as well as offensive players to create ideal team. The major difference is in the way that AI-controlled players are reacting to your actions. Now, you must react much faster, and that is especially important when you use short passes.

To perform such move press X button or A button, that will still require a little practice, but after sometime it will become your favorite technique in Fifa 16. You can combine this short pass with other similar actions like short through-ball, but technique that can be performed with combination of triangle button/Y button, a combination that will hit the ball high into the sky in attempt to bypass defense line. A lot of practice is required if you want to perform you drilled pass, specific moment that is changed, and practically introduce in this version of the game. You should also pay close attention to formations, as formations in Fifa 16 are supposed to act on more compact way, and you will need more practice to overcome such solid defense.

You can practice your skills in the arena and try to make your response to specific situation automatic reaction. Fifa 16 is the game that are focused on strategic solutions, you must understand the principle of creating chemistry among players, and invest some coins in buying additional packs to create the perfect team. One thing is for sure, FIFA 16 is much more demanding game that will require more time and energy if you want to become proficient player.

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Rock Band Playstatation 4 Review

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Musical games are always very interesting for younger generations, this time rock band is a fresh new game available for PlayStation 4 that is counting on tha teenagers want to become a rock stars. If they cannot fulfill such dream in real life, they can try to complete this  game via psn code generator, that will give them just a  glimpse into the world of name, fame and glory.

As you may conclude from the title of the game, Rock band is rock and roll simulator that can open unique world of rock ‘n roll for  your experience. Starting the game  is certainly unique experience, but the players with Xbox 360 and  PlayStation 3 will not find  anything different from the games  that they played on mentioned  consoles. The concept of the game is very simple, you should become a famous music star, and you can fulfill that by trying to solo playing, or you can try to do it in a band. The game however is bringing few improvements that will make your path much more easier, for example, now it is much more easier to sign band members and to try them before actual recording. You can change  setting at any moment and with you hardware loading time is the  decreased to its minimum.

So, your first thoughts will be to get the a group of friends and form a rock band. After that, you should develop your own tearooms and music and try to create a legendary song that will become a famous. The most important part of this game are of course songs. You will get a decent amount of popular songs, so there is enough material for practicing.

The career mode in the game is named Tour, but it is the most important part of the game, in our opinion. In this campaign you will be able to feel what it means to be a rockstar, traveling around, hanging around with your friends and thinking how to spend your money! You will be able to choose up to six songs and create additional playlists for your concerts. The game offers 65 different songs, and they are not available all at once. To unlock certain songs you will need to play a game on harder difficulty level.If you ever wanted to become a famous musician, or your childish dream was something similar to that, Rock Band is definitely a game for you!

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