Boost your Instagram carrier

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Boost your Instagram carrier

Launched in 2010, Instagram has become the third most used social network in the world with 400 million users, ahead of Twitter. It therefore offers strong visibility for the brands, but how to get a place among many users? We offer 10 small very simple tips to boost your Instagram account!

1. Have a homogeneous gallery
It is important to have a homogeneous gallery, that is to say in the same tones, so that the account can be identified at a glance. For that is simple, you just need to use the same filter / effect for each of your photos. You can apply directly with Instagram filters available on or use external applications like VSCO, Afterlight or PS editor.

2. Have a light gallery – On Instagram, light is essential! The bright images attract more eye of instagrameurs and therefore generate more attention, so do not hesitate to add! In addition, your photos will be even more beautiful and more developed.
3. Add extras to your photos – A small hand here, a face here and there, with a … Photos appearing bring more life to your gallery as photos where one product is presented. In addition these pictures usually attract more likes, so we can only follow!

4. Adopt the same shooting style – We reach a little point 1, but this time next shot. Some Instagram accounts using one for each of their photos, which gives a very nice rendering of the gallery! In diving, dive-cons, on the sides … it’s yours! We note that at present the trend is
“Flatlay” this shot taken from above on many Instagram accounts.
5. Quality photos – Picture quality is essential for a nice account, just as Free instagram followers APK! So we avoid taking pictures with an old laptop that offers picture quality 1 megapixel and is favored at least a good smartphone or at best a camera! Unless your goal is to try to scare your potential followers?

6. Interact with the community – Instagram is a great social network based on sharing. People like to communicate, comment, liker, so feel free to go and meet their liker their photos to your round if they like you, of course. This way you will create a real interaction between you and your followers; a necessary link on Instagram.

7. Use Instagram without abusing Hashtag – The Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram, if used properly you will getlikes and comments very easily. Here is an idea with some Hashtags among the 10 most used : #Picoftheday,, #love, #Instagood. But, if they draw attention, they can also scare away! Too much hashtags are contraproductive, so please, limit yourself to few relewant words.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Finally, a good game?

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We will not lie, it was pretty skeptical when City Interactive announced the start of the third installment of Sniper Ghost Warrior. Given the rather poor quality of previous episodes, we wondered if it was really necessary to attend the presentation of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Fortunately, it is clear that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 ambitions have been revised upwards, and it would appear that budget is also sharply increased.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 does not change one particle over its predecessors, while it is available via psn code generator 2016. Rest assured, comparisons with previous episodes clearly put new game on right track, with a budget that has nothing to do with spending money earlier invested. First positive shock: the graphics! Now we recognize without any problems the Cry Engine 3, which seems transformed since the last episode. We discover very rich environments, subject to weather, all highlighted by the play of light. No doubt, the low FPS turned into a real AAA next gen that deserves the label ‘beyond dispute. Moreover, just to be sure that the transformation is deeper than a simple update graph, we immediately asked a crucial question: do we still play as Lieutenant Cole Andersson?

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 now immerses you in the shoes of an American sniper infiltrated in Georgia to stop the actions of the Russian who opened a secret uranium enrichment plant stashed at the bottom of a mine. Obviously with just a gun, we’ll have to tweak it and move methodically. The strategy is to eliminate all the key figures necessary for the operation of the underground enterprise, while giving you the choice of tactics. As in real life, 99% of the time will be occupied by the recognition, obtaining documents and information that will enable you to run your targets.

The scenario and gameplay have nothing to do with the previous game. To do this, developers went to seek advice from a former US Marine Corps sniper who explained that 99% of the work has nothing to do with the shooting. City Interactive has taken note, and we therefore propose a new concept for game. Now Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will take the form of a stealth game in open world, just to give maximum freedom to the player. This seems mainstream if we look at the current productions, but this is a revolution for the series that had the major if not ultra scripted, even in the smallest details.

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Ultimate Goblin Guide in Clash of Clans

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There is actually only one use for the Goblin – for farming resources and you can make it easier with clash of clan hack. That said, there are two types of farming that you can use Goblin: Collector Elixir and gold mine sniping or farming storages. Goblins are a very fast unit, dealing great damage, and deal double damage to Gold Mines, Collectors Elixir, Elixir dark collectors, and resource storage structures. Accordingly, these units are well suited for farming. The Goblin is the third unit, you will have access to Clash of Clans and the only one that will focus resources as a priority.

The goblin is the only unit in Clash of Clans that specifically targets the enemy’s resources. Since the Goblin already have high damage and deals double damages to resources, it takes down these structures very quickly. The goblin will go for mine, collector, drilling, or the nearest storage structure. It does not distinguish between these structures and attack the nearest to where the goblin is deployed.While the goblins deal high damage and quickly move, they do not make great offensive units just because they are going to target resources first and usually die on their way to get to that resource. In Clash of Clans, the goblin is the only unit that is completely dedicated to farming. You will never use a goblin for anything outside of farming, as farming is simply that this device has been designed to do. The best way to use the goblin is to attack Elixir Collectors, Gold Mines and Elixir.

Elixir complete drills are a little harder to spot but easy when you know what you want – the box on top of the drill will be dark when full and there is a good amount of Dark Elixir fly. I like looking over Collectors Elixir Gold Mines as Elixir Collectors are much easier to locate quickly. If you want to try and target the gold storage structures, storage Elixir, or Dark Elixir of storage, the goblin is a good choice of unity, but it takes a lot more strategy than taking in mines collectors.

Full dark storage Elixir is generally well defended and the center of the base of the enemy. You must first take down part of the base of the enemy on the way to the storage structure, coring a hole in the base of the enemy so that your goblins can come close. The main problem is that the goblins do not have much health and will get easily killed by the enemy Towers Wizard or mortars trying to get to the enemy’s storage units. In addition, you will need to break walls to help the goblins to have access to storage structures.

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How to be an expert on Instagram?

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Instagram is a social network that allows users to share photos and videos with free instagram followers and apply a variety of filters. It also allows users interaction between them with comments and images to be shared on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. But, how to be professional? Many people or businesses want or need to have a strong reputation in this social network. With these “tricks” you can increase such presence. Instagram is probably the biggest pop phenomenon in recent years. Go from zero to millions of users in just one year, the implementation of trade has shown two things for sure, give the right tool, and communicate and share what everybody likes!

The Instagram Hashtags works similarly to the way Twitter hashtags. For those with less knowledge in social networks, the hashtag leads attached the symbol (#) to a key to be consulted on social media word. You can add hashtags to any of your own photos on Instagram, by including them in the title of the photo or a comment below it. Click the hashtag of a photo to see all photos tagged with the same hashtag. You can also search hashtags on Instagram, entering your profile tab and touching Search Instagram.It is important to keep the corresponding hashtag to the subject of your photo so that users are displayed in the relevant context.

Use other social networks like Facebook to gain a foothold in Instagram. Using direct links to their Instagram on other social networks, the user, it will prompt the diversion of traffic visits and interactions in the account you want. Always participate in current affairs. Almost every day there is a current topic in social networks. Such issues are used for hashtags and get visitors enter through the hot topic of the day. Use #hashtags. Using hashtags labels the user can link image to the description given with tags. The activity on the rise in materials will play in favor of the owner of the account in terms of reputation is concerned. It will increase visibility through search filters and their presence in the social network will become more noticeable, so upload images daily. It is important is also the use of labels in English. English is a language “known” by everyone. Anyone from any world country may see a photo if the correct hashtag is used. The user must maintain at all times the full profile for any user to obtain good information about it.

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Barbarian Clash of Clans Guide

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For the first few weeks of your Clash of Clans practice, the Barbarian will be the pillar of your militia. The Barbarian is the first unit you will get in Clash of Clans and one that you should get very familiar with. In this guide to the Barbarian, you will find valuable information – clash of clans hack free, levels and strategies, so that you can exploit the strength of this awesome unit. Barbarians are not the finest Clan Castle unit, though better than nothing, slow speed means that they can easily be selected by enemy ranged troops. At beginning of Clash of Clans, gathering Barbarians is better than nothing, but the suggested inexpensive low-level troop would be Archers. As they are melee divisions, they will jump over all of your walls, disproving the main advantage of Clan Castle troops.The major faults of Barbarians is the Clan Castle, because Barbarians will always mark Clan Castle units when these units come out. Always place a Barbarian close the enemy’s Clan Castle at the beggining of an attack to grasp any inside units. Barbarian scales very well with improvements, getting particularly large boost in strength from levels 4 to 5. Barbarians remain a effective unit to use in farming even at Town Hall 8.The Barbarian is a sluggish melee unit that assaults nearest objects and has somewhat low damage and health. Though not a exactly satisfying qualities, it still need 1 supply and Barbarians have shortest training time. Barbarian armies are the best army configuration from Town Hall levels 1 to 5 and it can be used as a important piece of your army structure. Though, in direction to make up for their low health, it is significant to realize how to organize Barbarians, how to treat enemy Clan Castle troops and attack Towers. Barbarians make an excessive farming and if you miss the mark in a raid, you will almost not lose anything because low cost and training time.

Although a Barbarian has low statistics, but its general health is firm and its damage is significant. If you want to get entrance to all that extra damage, keep the Barbarians active long enough to take benefit of increased strength. As a general rule, you never want to place all your Barbarians in one spot or in one wave. Instead, you will want to spread them out and deploy them a handful at a time. That will help you to prevent area of effect Towers like Mortars or Wizard Towers.

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Best Giant Strategy

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Here is one of the best Giant strategies in Clash of Clans, it is efficient and cheap strategy, but it is not very well known. Royal giant strategy is not really a new attack strategy in Clans Clash, but not much players know about it. I tried to use clash of clans gemmes gratuites, couple of times in Clan War and this strategy is very cheap, much cheaper than the Dragons, HoLoWiWi, GoWiPe, or other strategies in Clash of Clans.

Royal Giant strategy works well with Town Hall 7 against Town Hall 7 and it is weak in Town Hall 8 against Town Hall 8 combination. It is also not so well in Town Hall 9 against Town Hall 9, so the best possible solution is to stick with Town Hall 7. While the Giants are absorbing the damage, as a real living wall, Wizards and barbarians will destroy buildings. It is important to drag the Wizards behind Barbarians, and you’ll be safe throughout the battle. Because this strategy is cheap and does not need so much of Dark Elixir, it is more effective than other strategies that needs a lot of resources.. You can use it to push their trophies or Clan War. Town Hall level 8 with Level 5 troops, and you can easily get 2 stars with more than 90%.

In most cases against Town Hall level 8 you can get 3 stars if you attack Town Hall level 7. However, there are different combinations that you can use. For example 220 housing spaces and 4 spaces spells, 11 Wall Breakers, 18 Giants , 38 Wizards and 10 Barbarians. You can use 1 Lightning Spell and 2 Rage Spells, while you should place 4 Wizards and 6 barbarians in Clan Castle. The strategy is very simple – just drop 1 Barbarian in any corner of the map and use Barbarians to pull troops from Clan Castle. Use Lightning Spell or barbarians and wizards to eliminate smaller troops.

Drop Giants and deploy your clan troops, when health of Giants turn red, use Healing Spell to cure them. Drop your wall Breakers and Hero if you need additional help. It is very efficient strategy, with main focus on Giants. It is cheap, so you will gain a lot resources after some time. Try our Royal Giant strategy and let us know your comments. There are some modifications you can use, we let you to discover them and apply in this strategy.

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Mortal Kombat for Xbox

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All retrospective on the history of fighting games must necessarily make a long stop in Mortal Kombat, the only fighting series made in North America that came to win. In the heyday of Street Fighter, Midway launched this fighting game in 2d free xbox live codes, with digitized graphics and a lot of blood and brutality never seen before, which naturally led to criticism. In Mortal Kombat fighters, who were not drawings, but practically photos, spine were taken out if the combination is performing precise movements.

After several deliveries in which the number of fighters grew significantly, and several films of decreasing budget, Midway decided to make the leap into 3d with the fourth delivery, resulting in a failure, as indeed most of the finished projects company at that time. It took several years, to establis the present generation to Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance to rise back, already without John Tobias, who had sought greener pastures in Microsoft, leaving the game design in hands of Ed Boon, the other co-creator.

The success of Double Alliance gave way to Moral Kombat: Deception, being a pioneer surprising, was the first 3D fighting game with the possibility of playing in the network, and includes surprising and original game modes like the Mortal Kombat Chess. In the same line continues this new Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, predictable latest installment of the saga in this generation. This new Mortal Kombat, the seventh barring derivatives as Shaolin Monks, keeps the line of ancestors as far as fighting is concerned, but stresses the influence of combat scenarios, including a new system of fatalities. And, in line with the last Soul Calibur, it has a unique and complete character editor. Fight fans have this game as the only valuable option this year, and is highly recommended, if they like the style of Mortal Kombat.

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